About Us

Arizona Cocker Rescue was founded in 2002 but the passion to rescue dogs began long before. Founder, Joey Penniston, began working with various Valley rescues many years prior. She had a particular love for cocker spaniels and began focusing on a small cocker rescue. Many dogs were able to find new and loving homes and from there, the rescue grew.

Today AZCR welcomes all breeds and focuses on rescuing dogs from the county shelters that are currently on the "e-list" which means they are going to be euthanized. Many "e-list" dogs are wonderful animals, just abandoned or lost, scared and confused. Maricopa county cares for over 55,000 animals each year. Unfortunately, the county shelters are not able to find homes for all the dogs they receive, so rescues such as AZCR help care for dogs and work to find them new loving homes.

Many of the dogs come to AZCR with minor medical needs and some with major needs that are correctable. If not already, they are all spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated and treated for any other individual need. The dogs are cared for at the rescue or in foster homes until they are adopted.

AZCR is a non-profit dog rescue that is supported by individual donors, grants and through the adoption donations that we receive. The money generated goes back into caring for the dogs: food, bedding, needed surgeries, vaccinations and other medicines. Without your donations, AZCR would not exist.

Whether you are looking for a new furry family friend, wanting to volunteer your time and talents, or are in search of a meaningful organization to financially support, please consider AZ Cocker Rescue.

Here at AZCR, the tail-wagging thank you’s never end!